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Properties under management owned by a private landlord are, in the large majority of cases, either the landlord's own private residence or have been purchased specifically as an investment for the rental market.  Private landlords are generally seeking tenants for anything from a period of 6 months to several years, at the end of which they either return to occupy their home or place their property on the market.  Investment landlords are hoping to achieve continuous tenanting of their properties, either with a succession of shorter tenancies or one long period of occupation.

We let and manage a variety of furnished and unfurnished properties throughout the local area. Our website contains a constantly updated register of rental property. In order to receive a regularly updated list of our available rental properties, please register and we will contact you with details of new properties to suit your specified requirements.

For more detailed information or appointments to view please contact us.

Getting Started

Please keep in mind that a range of rigorous checks on all prospective tenants will be carried out and we will require one month's rent and a deposit equivalent to five week's rent paid in advance prior to moving in. We are also able to offer (subject to Landlord approval) a no deposit option which is an insurance backed option with a one off premium, please ask for further details. Should you be uncertain as to your suitability or have specific requirements, please contact us.

Once you have found a property, you will need to contact us and look to pay a 'Holding Deposit' equivalent to one week's rent to take the property off the market. We will then liaise with the Landlord to gain confirmation they wish to proceed with your application. At this stage in view of the 'Right To Rent' guidelines you will be expected to provide:

Identification/proof of residency

All tenants must show proof of address. Only the following forms of identification are accepted:

  • Utility bill (less than 3 months old)
  • Full driving license
  • Council tax bill (less than 3 months old)
  • Mobile phone bill (less than 3 months old)


We will also contact your employer and your landlord (if you are in rented accommodation already. Your previous employer will also be contacted if you have recently changed jobs. If you are self-employed, we will need to contact your accountant. A credit check will also be conducted.

To assist us in collating the necessary references, it would be advantageous for you to warn the above individuals in advance that references are required as these can be return to us within a matter of a few days, barring any delays.

Occasionally, a GUARANTOR will be required if, for example the tenant has not been continuously employed for the past 18 months; has been working abroad in the previous 6 months; the tenants’ income falls short of our criteria or the tenants’ employment is considered as changeable.

Please note that the same criteria apply to the guarantor and, furthermore, the guarantor must earn the equivalent of 3 times the yearly sum of the rent, be in full time employment or be able to prove by bank statements that they have “independent means”. All tenants should be able to provide a guarantor and should the tenant be unable to provide one, we will be unable to proceed with their application, meaning the tenant may forfeit their deposit.

The guarantor must be aware that they will stand as guarantor for you, (and your partner if you are moving in to the property with someone else), for the entire occupancy of the property, not just for the period of the initial tenancy term.

Rent and Deposit

Rent is to be paid monthly in advance commencing on the first day of the tenancy and then on the same day each month thereafter. The preferred method is by bank standing order. A security deposit is required for all tenancies and is equal to Five Weeks Rent. This deposit is in addition to the advanced rent payment required. Should the no deposit option be available details will be sent through to apply.

Any payments made, must be directly through your bank to ours. We are unable to accept cash payments. You will be provided with our bank details.

The deposit acts as security for the performance of your obligations as a tenant under the tenancy agreement. All deposits are held with the ‘Tenancy Deposit Scheme’ in the custodial scheme, you will receive a certificate advising that the deposit is registered correctly.  This deposit will be returned to you at the end of the tenancy term without interest and subject to a deduction for damage or any other deductions that may be necessary to compensate the landlord for any breach of the tenancy agreement.

For your protection as member so ARLA Property Mark all monies received are protected in their Client Money Protection Scheme.

Tenancy agreement

Before you sign for a tenancy you will be given a copy of the tenancy agreement and any appropriate notices.  Read these carefully and ask us questions if you are unsure of any point. The tenancy agreement can be sent out digitally for you to sign if visiting the office is inconvenient.

Inventory schedule

We will carry out an in depth inventory listing prior to the commencement of the tenancy. A copy will be sent to you for you to confirm the condition of the property. You will have an opportunity to make any comments at this stage, it is vitally important that this is carried out as this will have a bearing on the final inspection when you vacate.

Property Visits

Property visits of the premises is primarily undertaken to ensure that you, as the tenant, are in all respects observing the conditions of the tenancy agreement, though this is not the only consideration of management.  It further allows the opportunity for you to discuss with us any problem that might be experienced relating to the property and for us to consider repairs/decorations etc before they become a major concern.  If, however, you experience any problems of maintenance or repair please notify us immediately in order that appropriate action can be taken.  We have a number of trades people available to ensure that delays are minimised.

End of the tenancy

Preparations should be made to hand the property back to us on the due date. Inventory items should be placed in their respective rooms to facilitate easy checking on handing over.  Read carefully the inventory, clean curtains, carpets etc if required and generally prepare the property for that final inspection. Liaise with us and arrange a convenient time for handing over the premises.  We can advise of local trades people who will carry out all cleaning/preparation at a most competitive rate.

Once checking has been completed and deductions from your deposit agreed (if any), the deposit or balance of deposit will be returned to you. If you have opted for the no deposit option, the same method of Inventory check will be carried out, whereby any disputes would be dealt with in the same manner.


These notes are intended to provide only a summary to assist you to understand the obligations undertaken when you wish to rent a property from a private landlord.  It is not the intention to give an authoritative interpretation of the law. We hope that you have found them useful.

Please do not hesitate to call on 01473-254676, visit our office at 30-32 Great Colman Street, Ipswich, IP4 2AP, or e-mail us on ipswich@goddardco.co.uk at any stage prior to or during your tenancy if you wish to clarify any details.

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