Top tips for reducing condensation in your home

By Tom Sharman
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1.       Keep the property well-ventilated for example open windows regularly – it is better to open for short periods than trying to leave open all day. Keep the ‘trickle vents’ on windows open if they have them, using extractor fans if present.  Always make                sure windows are opened after taking a shower/bath and leave open until steam has cleared. Even when it’s cold, moisture can gather in the home. Opening the window allows some of this moisture to escape.

2.       Wipe down moisture on windows and sills every day with a cloth or towel.

3.       Running your heating on a lower temperature for longer can avoid cold spots, dry out damp, and reduce your chances of getting mould.

4.       Don’t block outside walls with too much furniture – always allow ‘breathing space’ behind the piece of furniture. Check behind furniture regularly for signs of damp or mould developing.

5.       Open curtains during the day to allow natural daylight and heat to assist, and to ensure areas are well ventilated.

6.       Don’t dry clothes on radiators. The vapour turns into moisture in the air and is then circulated around the rooms. This then gathers on walls, windows and other fabrics in the home and can be a mould risk. Instead, dry clothes on a clothes airer in a                well-ventilated room. Open a window or use a dehumidifier to minimise the spread of moisture indoors.

7.       Damp commonly occurs in the bathroom, on exterior facing walls and around window and door frames. Keep an eye on these problem areas and clean the moisture and damp regularly to minimise your chances of getting black mould or mildew. If                you do see mildew or mould forming, be sure to use gloves and a face mask before cleaning. Ventilate the room well when cleaning mould spots. When working with chemicals, you must always follow manufacturers’ instructions. Dispose of any rags            that you have used to clean mould after using. Most black mould spots can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth, however if this does not work there are some good mould killer cleaning sprays that can be brought from most supermarkets for                      example ‘Cillit Bang Black Spot Mould cleaner’ . Be sure to dry the affected area after and leave the room to ventilate.

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